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Finding someone to make the topic of personal finance accessible and entertaining can be a challenge. As a personal finance speaker, Brent delivers programs that are intriguing and chock-full of information that participants can use immediately.

Brent can expand on any of his over 100 YouTube programs covering personal finance, future trends, and consumer policy

Brent is a public speaker who can serve as your keynote speaker, presenter, moderator, or panelist. He has offered Congressional testimony and served as chair, facilitator, and host in domestic and international settings. He also writes articles and Op/Ed columns and is a member of the National Speakers Association.

Speaker Testimonials

"Thank you, Brent, for all your great content you make available for free to help people make informed decisions about their financial plans. Thank you as well for your many other contributions in the form of conference presentations, online training curriculum development, live-streams, workbooks, and more! Your passion for helping people comes through in everything that you do and it’s always a pleasure to get to work with you."
Tana Russell,
Deputy Director, Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling
Brent’s most popular keynote programs include:

How to Survive Life’s Financial Shockwaves  

Job loss, economic downturns, market crashes, pandemics, natural and human-made disasters.
In this timely presentation, your audience will learn:

  • How to take action right now to plan, prepare, control for loss and set up for success before the next Shockwave hits
  • How you can pivot forward from global and regional disruptions
  • How to build your own safety and opportunity “nets” to mitigate economic uncertainty

Ready or Not? Future Trends WILL Impact Your Financial World

What does the future hold? In this thought-provoking session your attendees will get smart insights about:

  • Artificial intelligence vs. the wisdom of the ages
  • Family nesting vs. community connections
  • Portability vs. traditional employee benefits
  • Speed vs. intentional slowness
  • Creating life-purpose funds vs. traditional portfolios to anchor your future

9 Money Beliefs That Could Ruin Your Finances  

In this session audience members will take away fresh and intuitive understanding to:

  • Discover how “financial rules of thumb” could actually disable your finances!
  • Learn a financial decision sequence that puts YOU in control.
  • Stop the “analysis-paralysis” and move forward toward your financial goals.
  • Find the new “financial guardrails” for the next 10 years to get your money on track and headed in the right direction.
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As a public speaker, I inform, amuse and move audiences. I bring insight, humor and context.

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